Cat Mom Club Inaugural Meeting

Hello cat people!

You’re probably here because of one of these things:

  1. You are my mom and/or friend and you support my endeavors (i love you)

  2. You are a pet parent looking for advice and the classic “why is my cat like this”?

  3. Google took you here and now you are stuck

Not that it really matters why you’re here, but I am SO happy you are!


My name is Roberta and this is my Siamese cat, Loki! You will be seeing a lot of him around here as he takes up approximately 4 GB on my phone!

Follow his adventures on Instagram! (@LokiTheKittyKing)

Follow his adventures on Instagram! (@LokiTheKittyKing)

I am not a vet. I am not a doctor.

Then why do you have a cat blog?

I am a concerned pet parent!

My passion for pet nutrition started when I was a manager at a local natural pet food store in my home town.


I had just graduated, and while looking for something in my field, I thought I’d get a part time job to pay the bills. I am cheery, organized, and love animals - lets do it.

Little did I know…

I never paid attention to the food my cats ate growing up. Who cared, they’re cats. And cats eat cat food. It wasn’t until I worked in the pet food industry where I turned around the back of the bag and thought “cat? Food?”

This blog is for the person who has ever turned around the back of the bag and gave a second thought to what they’re putting in their furry friends. Even if you haven’t yet, I hope this blog will inspire you! Unless your kitty has a bank account at the local credit union, it’s our job as pet parents to be educated when we scan the shelves. I didn’t know how important nutrition was until I did my own research. It’s interesting, somewhat obvious, kinda disgusting, and enlightening.

To get started, let me paint you a picture:

  • I try to live a natural life style as much as I can.

  • I eat plant-based (given the occasional cheese curd and pizza, sue me)

  • I use natural beauty products and cleaning supplies around my house

Me doing one of my past-times, wading into glacial waters during a sunset

Me doing one of my past-times, wading into glacial waters during a sunset

  • I pay my student loans, my insurance, my rent, and my cat’s balanced raw diet.

  • I am a millennial cat mom who cares about the well-being of her pet and the planet.

It’s my hope that you can come here each week and learn something new, fun, and exciting.

Welcome to Millennial Cat Mom, now go get a job!